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Case Study

Meet Dave Asprey

At a Glance

Dave Asprey, the father of the biohacking movement, Upgrade Labs, Danger Coffee, Bulletproof and 40 Years Of Zen. Dave uses Share One for his transformational Master Program 40 Years of Zen where his clients spend a week in an immersive experience of transformation. Upon completion of the program, every Friday, the graduates get on a computer and record their experiences in an interview style conversation conducted by our Share One Interview Directors.

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What we did

40 Years Of Zen is a 5 day program held at their beautiful mansion where they do intense five day brain upgrades for senior executives, for professional athletes, and for very successful people. At the end of 5 days, people are rewired, reprogrammed and have a complete new outlook on their future. So at the end of every Friday, the graduates of this program go into a room with a computer and they are met with one of Share One’s interview directors where remotely, we conduct an exit interview.  During this interview we not only capture a video testimonial of their experience but we also record their personal statement- A statement of their new intent moving forward.  This video statement is then given as a gift to the graduates a few months later as a reminder of their work and an inspiration for them to continue doing the work. 


Through one interview, we are able to then create multiple video outputs. The personal statement and a testimonial of what they think of the program. Today, 40 years of Zen has an entire bank of testimonials and because of the reminder inspirational personal statement they have seen an increase in individuals enrolling in their advanced programs. 


40 Years Of Zen didn’t have a creative a very effective way to re-engage with their graduates and due to their higher end clientele, never had much success collecting video testimonials but today, thanks to Share One, no only do they have video testimonials but they also have a powerful gift for each graduate that keeps them engaged in the program. 

Interview samples collected for 40 Years of Zen

Meet Eden Danaher

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Meet Naveen Jain

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Meet Sean Kim

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Meet Sharon Kobat

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Meet Delia Tarlea

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Meet Martine Ponce

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Transcript from Dave Asprey

Share One gets the best testimonials I’ve ever seen. Having a live human who cares and asks the right questions, it’s a complete game changer. And I love the fact that my high end clients are getting what they need, which is someone who’s listening. So. Thank you, Share One. 

Hi, I’m Dave Asprey. I’m the guy who created the biohacking movement and my new company is Upgrade Labs. You might have heard of Danger Coffee or the company I used to work with that I founded called Bulletproof. And I’m also CEO and founder of 40 Years of Zen. 

We do intense five day brain upgrades for senior executives, for professional athletes, and for really successful people where they come in and go really deep. The most common thing I hear is it’s like a plant medicine ceremony, but without the plants. So this is deep personal work and cognitive upgrades. It’s really hard to explain what happens during a five day brain upgrade that goes into these deep unconscious and subconscious levels and some very conscious things. 

So I use share one for two things. One is so people can explain how profound this experience is in changing their life. And they can share that as they want on social or with their friends and family, so that they have some understanding. But the real important benefit from the Share One process is that I want people who come through that program to tell themselves how important this work was.

Because one of the things that happens when you’re doing psychedelics or any kind of deep personal breath work is that you tend to forget the experience. It fades with time. But Share One helps people capture what really happened in a testimonial for themselves as well as for other people. And it’s been a really powerful part of our integration process. 

At 40 Years of Zen, we have some really high profile clients. And everything there is concierge, it’s white glove, there’s an executive chef, it’s in a mansion, it’s all custom built to create exactly the right environment. And I asked them to talk with Share One at the end of their last day. That means that if there is a poor impression or if it’s not professional, that it leaves a bad taste for the whole program, the whole investment that they made in themselves. I have had no issues whatsoever. And people feel heard and it actually helps them to think about their experience. 

So this matches the rest of the program. It’s not that hard to get. Testimonials for your brand by email or something, but when you have a live human who cares asking questions, it changes everything. 

So when people see those testimonials, they can feel those testimonials. And that’s why Share One has made a big difference for me.

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