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Case Study

Meet JJ Virgin

At a Glance

JJ Virgin is a four-time New York Times best-selling author and a fitness hall of famer. She’s also the brains behind Mindshare, a community for health and wellness pros. Mindshare wanted to collect top-notch video testimonials to boost their marketing and build trust with potential members. Before working with Share One, they used written testimonials, which didn’t have the same impact. 
Since 2019, Share One has been a Collaborative Partner of the Mindshare community.  JJ decided to partner with Share One due to their reputation for producing high-quality video testimonials for her members. 

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What we did

JJ invited Share One to attend their private Mastermind retreat so they could video capture over twenty of their members’ transformative stories of how they grew their business by being a member of Mindshare. Share One took care of everything – inviting people, interviewing them, and editing the videos to fit Mindshare’s marketing needs perfectly.

Working with Share One was a breeze. They started with a chat about what Mindshare needed, then got to work. Share One’s team captured heartfelt stories from Mindshare’s top members at the retreat. These stories became powerful content for their online 3-day event, Health Business Growth, and were also used to promote the Mindshare Leadership Summit.



Teaming up with Share One brought huge benefits to Mindshare. The video testimonials made the Health Business Growth event even better, connected deeply with potential members, and led to a big increase in enrollments. The soundbites they collected for the Mindshare Leadership Summit also drummed up excitement and led to a bigger turnout than expected. Overall, Share One’s videos and marketing support boosted enrollment numbers and made the Mindshare community stronger.



JJ says working with Share One was fantastic. She loves how video testimonials build trust and connect with people on a personal level. She highly recommends Share One to other businesses, pointing out how good they are at creating impactful, authentic video content.


Interview samples collected for Mindshare Collaborative

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Transcript from JJ Virgin

When I think of the best place to spend your marketing money, testimonials would be my first choice. And there’s no one better, there’s really no one doing it like, Share One. Hi, I’m JJ Virgin. I’m a four times New York Times best selling author, fitness hall of Famer, and a triple board certified nutrition specialist. I think the biggest missing element, like the best marketing you possibly can have for your business as testimonials. But not just testimonials, video testimonials. Because they’re so real, it’s easy to look at a written one and kind of just brush it off. But when you really can see the person and connect with them and go, oh my gosh, that person’s just like me. And it worked for them, so I bet it will work for me, too. That is gold for your business. And think about it. Right now, with the rise of social media, there’s so much noise out there, people don’t know who to trust. And this is the fastest way to establish that trust without it being you bragging, because they’re not going to believe you, but they’re going to believe someone that they can relate to is just like them. 

So video testimonials are gold for your business. And that’s why we engaged Share One to help us here at Mindshare. We drank the Kool Aid and it has been amazing because they have gone through and gotten the best video testimonials and then cut them so that we could use them in all sorts of different places, depending on what we needed. Was it something to promote our mastermind, or our summit, or one of our workshops, or our membership? So it has just been gold. And the other hidden gold in this that you would never even think about is when you have someone outside of you doing these testimonials, people will feel much more comfortable to share. But that person getting the testimonial is also listening for the words you can then use in your marketing so that it is so easy for people to hear themselves in your marketing and want to say yes.