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Turnkey Professional Video Testimonial Capture Service.

We help you get video testimonials that build trust and close deals.
Share One - Affordable Professional Video Testimonials Capture Service

100's of happy customers

Affordable Professional Video Testimonial Capture Service

We are a different kind of video testimonial company

Share One is a leading testimonial video production company that specializes in delivering top-tier client video testimonial capture services
Affordable Professional Video Testimonials Capture Service
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Testimonial Acquisition

Leave it to us to get your clients to say YES to doing a video testimonial for you. See more

Video Testimonials Service

Perfect Sound Bites

Our Interview directors are trained on your business to collect the perfect sound bites. See more

Video Testimonials Service

Edited, Hosted, Ready

We put it all together for all your marketing and social media needs. See more

See How Remote Video Can Scale Your Business.

Schedule a complementary 30-minute video consult to see how high-quality remote video review can help you scale your business.
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You May Be Asking...

Should I do this myself?

Resources, Pitfalls, Case Studies. Before embarking on a campaign to collect video testimonials yourself, take the following into consideration.

What are my clients allowed to say?

The dos and don’ts of collecting testimonials. DESHEA and claims. Industry regulations. Incentives?

Is an AI platform right for me?

There are a lot of AI solutions out there for collecting testimonials. Learn how they can help and what decisions you should make.

Trusted by Hundreds of Companies

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Mindshare Summit
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Live your message - Video Testimonials Production Service

Success Stories

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Diane Mueller

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Dr. Jordana Quinn

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Dr. Bryce Applebaum

Top Questions to Ask During a Testimonial

Download the worksheet that guides you to create the best questions to ask during a testimonial interview.

More Success Stories

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Krista Burns

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Sarah Phillipe

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Amara Charles

Our Video Testimonial Service Advantage

It can be challenging to collect video testimonials. At Share One, we understand the power of authentic storytelling, and we are dedicated to helping businesses showcase their success through compelling and genuine video testimonials without hassle. Choose our testimonial video production services to unlock the true power of real experiences.

Custom Invitation

The invitation process is proven to get your clients to say yes. We take the time to understand your business and your clients and craft a unique strategy to get them on video for you.

Dedicated booking page

We create a dedicated booking page for your clients to book their interview. During the booking process we hold their hands and answer all of their questions and prepare them for success.

Interview Directors

All of our interview directors are based locally. We train them in the specifics of your business so that they can collect the perfect sound bites for your marketing needs.

Short video testimonials

The interview takes about 10-20 minutes however we edit the videos down to 2-3 minutes. We move the juiciest quote to the front and add captions and music.

Ready for Social Media

All videos are edited for all of your social media needs. We provide all three different formats for all your social media platforms ready for instant content.

Hosted and Delivered

All interviews are delivered to you for you to own and use as you please. We also provide hosted links and promote your videos through our channels.


Sample Testimonials

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