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Congratulations, your interview is booked. Below are the Director's notes to kindly prepare your recording space.


Wear a Waist-Up Wardrobe

Ask yourself, how do I show up in the world? What outfit reflects my radiance? Choose your waist-up wardrobe to reflect your personality and how you live your day to day. Do you wear a more corporate look in a regular basis, or are you more casual? Whatever you are, keep these essential wardrobe tips in mind:

  • Wear longer sleeves with solid colors as shown in the samples below.
  • Avoid bold patterns like stripes and prints that distract from your face.
  • If you wear glasses, think about the kind of glare you are reflecting from your screen and adjust accordingly.
How To Prepare

Tips to Set Up Your Recording Space

How To Prepare

Best Lighting Practices

How To Prepare
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