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Case Study

Meet Gretchen Cawthon & Trina Fisher

At a Glance

Left Right Labs is an award-winning branding agency.  They acquire their leads from speaking and sponsoring masterminds and events and rely heavily on referrals, word of mouth and reputation. Because Left Right Labs is a higher end agency focusing on quality and not price, they realized that their prospects needed more affirmation and proof before becoming a client. Being able for clients to hear first hand from other’s experience became a must in their decision process so they decided to hire Share One to collect video case studies and testimonials.

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What we did

After a deep dive, we realized that all of Left Right Labs clients were very satisfied with the results but were also very busy and successful business owners. The challenge was to get them to say YES to a video testimonial so we began to craft an invitation.  We knew that the business owners were mission driven so their ability to help another fellow business owner was important.  We also knew that, as with any business, they could always use more exposure so the invitation really leaned on them being featured and being able to help other businesses by sharing their story.   This approach proved to be a success so we began interviewing their clients.


The conversions on their landing page exploded when they added video testimonials from Share One.


Left Right Labs did not think that their clients would be open to or have the time to do video testimonials. However with the share one approach, they were pleasantly surprised and today continue to use share one to collect video testimonials of their clients and they also recommend Share One to all of their website branding clients.

Interview samples collected for Left Right Labs

Meet JJ Virgin

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Meet Dr Forest Sauer

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Transcript from Gretchen & Trina

We would recommend Share One because they made the process so easy. And clients that we didn’t think had the time or even wanted to do a video testimonial did it without hesitation. Hi, I’m Gretchen Cawthon. And I’m Trina Fisher. And we are Left Right Labs. As an agency owner, we know how incredibly important it is to have that connection factor for your brand, for your website.

And so Share One is someone that we refer every single one of our clients to because we know it makes a massive difference on the lives that they’re going to get to impact and on the increase in their own business. The number one reason I almost didn’t want to go with Share One was because I thought, oh, I’m charming. I can ask our clients these questions myself. And what I realized is it’s so much more natural to let them talk about us when we’re not in the room.

The testimonials on our website really speak volumes about the work we do and the clients are saying things that we wouldn’t have thought to ask them to say. That’s been a major benefit of getting to work with Share One and having you guys pull the testimonials out of our clients for us. I knew Share One was right for our company when I realized how easy the process was going to be. We weren’t going to have to do all this heavy lifting. They were going to take care of everything for us.

When we saw the testimonials from Share One, we were just blown away by how amazing they were, the quality of them. I mean, they went, it’s one went straight from our download into our Vimeo account and boom, out on our website. So it’s been so great to actually see an ROI from these testimonials. We’ve had a couple instances where we were talking with a client and they were interested in what we do, but they still weren’t 100% sure. And sure enough sending them to our landing pages.

The conversions on our landing page exploded when we added video testimonials from Share One and it made a massive difference for our team. One of the other reasons that we love Share One is because not only are we getting video that can go on our website, they’re reformatting it for social media. They’re putting the text across the bottom so that people who can’t have audio on because they’re watching this video at work, they can read what is being said in these testimonials. It’s just made it so incredibly flexible for us to get the word out there about what we do and who we connect with in a way that has been totally seamless for us.

Share One is the best in the world at building trust.

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