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What Are Share.One Clients Saying?

Meet Kim Ressler

Kim Ressler is the Founder and CEO of SNIP Nutrigenomics, a DNA personalized Nutritional Supplement company. Based on your body’s unique genetic code, they formulate a custom blend of supplementation designed to make it easier for you to absorb and utilize essential nutrients. They use Share One to collect customer success stories as well as interviews from other doctors and practitioners.

“We don’t have to worry about follow up and scheduling and suddenly voila, we have a professional recorded video for us to use

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Meet Dave Asprey

Dave Asprey, the father of the biohacking movement, Upgrade Labs, Danger Coffee, Bulletproof and 40 Years Of Zen. Dave uses Share One for his transformational Master Program 40 Years of Zen where his clients spend a week in an immersive experience of transformation. Upon completion of the program, every Friday, the graduates get on a computer and record their experiences in an interview style conversation conducted by our Share One Interview Directors.

Share One gets the best testimonials I’ve ever seen. Having a live human who cares and asks the right questions, it’s a complete game changer.

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Meet Amber Ratcliffe

Amber Ratcliffe, CEO of Arbor Health Functional Medicine, shares how incorporating patient testimonials through Share One has made a remarkable difference. By using our testimonial real stories in videos, emails, and social media, Arbor Health connects with prospective patients on a deeper level, fostering trust and credibility. Amber personally recommends Share One for their authentic approach, which not only saves time but also ensures genuine testimonials that resonate with people considering treatment.

“… since adding share one video testimonials we have seen an increase in inquiry form submissions”

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Meet Kaitlin Rowland

DHA Laboratory helps practitioners provide access to lab testing, ensuring comprehensive patient care. Kaitlin Rowland, Director of Marketing, shares her experience about Share.One and how seamless collecting and using video testimonials has become for them. She also shares how has provided training to her practitioners on how to leverage video testimonials in their practice.

“… honestly they should raise their prices because you’re getting so much for doing so little yourself!”

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Meet Gretchen Cawthon & Trina Fisher

Left Right Labs is an award-winning branding agency. They quickly realized that it is so much more natural to let clients talk about them when they are not in the room. The testimonials on their website really speak volumes about the work they do and they are seeing a tremendous ROI. The conversions on their landing page exploded when they added video testimonials from

“Clients that we didn’t think had the time or even wanted to do a video testimonial did it without hesitation!”

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Meet Dr Susan Fox

Dr. Susan Fox, a specialist in acupuncture and Chinese medicine in California, highlights the power of video testimonials, particularly in the context of fertility treatment. She discusses how video testimonials convey emotions and connect with her audience more effectively than written ones. She uses these videos on her website, social media, and YouTube, she believes they have a significant impact, attracting new patients and clients.

“I am using these video testimonials every which way to Sunday… This is a game changer.”

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Meet Dr Amie Hornaman

Dr Amie Hornaman used testimonial videos on her website, social media and email campaigns. She shares a powerful success story from sharing a video testimonial in her Facebook group which led to overwhelming responses and engagement.

“We easily got a 10 to 20 X ROI from putting out the stories recored by  Thank you for doing such an amazing job”

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Meet Greg Platz

Greg Platz is the CTO for Modern Holistic Health and they have been using video testimonials in different marketing funnels. He shares in his testimonial that after A/B testing his landing pages with and without the testimonials, the ones with had a drastic reduction in his cost-per-click mostly due to a higher relevancy score.

“Working with was incredibly easy and it helped us reduce our cost per click on our ads campaign.”

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Meet Greg Kheel

Learn how Master Greg Kheel used video testimonials to communicate the transformation that he provides. He found it hard to communicate in his own words but leveraging other people’s stories allowed people to see the power of his teachings.

“With it was such an easy process to get testimonials from my clients. It was such a beautiful process.”

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Meet Harry Massey

Harry used video testimonials to boost his credibility on his personal brand website. He shares how easy and turn key the process is.

“Using was so easy, I just gave them a list of people and before I knew it all the videos were on my website and I didn’t have anything to do with it.”

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Meet Dr Isabel Sharkar

Indigo Integrative Health Clinic has collected a diversity of video testimonials to use on their website because videos are giving them a human interaction.

“Share one is the easiest way to go to collect video testimonials”

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Meet Krista Burns

Learn how the American Posture Institute leveraged story-based testimonials to grow her Posture Master Practitioner Program with chiropractors from all over the world.

“Testimonials helped us with our conversion to generate more new practitioners into our higher ticket program.”
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Meet Dr. Diane Mueller

We love how this doctor's passion comes through her client's testimonials. It makes selling whatever program she pitches easy and seamless because the clients do the selling for her.

“I can really educate and give my audience value. But when I pitch whatever call to action, I pitch being able to back it up. And it’s not just my word that is actually my clients and their word beyond mine.”

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Meet Dr. Jordana Quinn

Dr. Quinn uses her video testimonials during community seminars to fill her program.

“I wanted a way to more clearly get my message or my impact out onto the world. And so, when you see and hear the stories that patients have gone through a transformation, it’s just so much more powerful.”

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Meet Sarah Phillippe

The owner of Reversing Breast Explant Illness uses testimonials to connect her clients to the brave stories of women facing breast implant removal.

“I’ve received several emails from people sharing that they’re so glad to see these stories and that they’ve been so helpful. In some cases, they’ve been the thing that’s actually enabled them to get over that fear.”

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Meet Amara Charles

Learn how we got her clients to open up about their personal sex lives and share it openly in a compelling testimonial.

“The heart of these stories is really what matters, because I have high ticket offers and it’s really all about trust.”
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Meet Dr. Bryce Appelbaum

Learn how Bryce is leveraging his client's stories to make an impact on his community.

“Share One takes the viewer through a journey of  treatment from where the pain points were, to the solutions and how their life has been changed by the work that we do. It’s invaluable!”

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