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Case Study

Meet Harry Massey

Client Overview

Harry Massey is a renowned bioenergetic expert, speaker, and entrepreneur with a rich history of contributions to the field of bioenergetics—the study of energy in living systems. After battling severe chronic fatigue syndrome for nearly a decade, Harry discovered the transformative power of bioenergetics. This discovery led him to regain his health and become a serial entrepreneur, founding companies such as NES Health, XPO Health, and Energy4Life. Harry has invented numerous bioenergetic devices and technologies, including the FDA-approved miHealth device, infoceuticals, and the Bioenergetic WellNES System, all dedicated to improving patient health and wellness

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What we did

Harry Massey wanted to boost his credibility in the bioenergetic industry as an author, inventor, filmmaker, and product developer. He needed genuine testimonials from top industry experts to build his reputation and expand his reach. Plus, Harry aimed to use these testimonials to create a standout speaker reel to land more speaking gigs and grow his company and personal brand. When Harry found Share One, he knew they were the perfect fit to help him gather high-quality video testimonials. Their ease and professionalism made them the ideal partner for Harry’s goals.


Share One handled everything from inviting and interviewing the top bioenergetic industry masters to editing the videos and strategizing their placement, ensuring a seamless process for Harry. The testimonials collected by Share One significantly boosted Harry Massey’s credibility. The videos featured industry leaders vouching for Harry’s expertise and contributions, which helped establish his authority and trustworthiness in the bioenergetic field. The speaker reel created from these interviews enabled Harry to secure more speaking engagements, enhancing his visibility and allowing him to grow his company and personal brand.


Share One’s comprehensive approach to collecting and utilizing video testimonials provided Harry Massey with the tools and credibility needed to elevate his status in the bioenergetic industry. The successful collaboration showcases the value of professional testimonial services in enhancing brand reputation and expanding market presence.

Interview samples collected for Harry Massey

Meet Dr. Jeffrey Gladden

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Meet Dr. Greg Eckel

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Meet Dr. Anna Cabeca

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Meet JJ Virgin

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Meet Richard Rossi

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Meet Ben Dadbin

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Transcript from Harry Massey

Using Share One was so easy, I literally just emailed Dan and Stacey the list of people to film, and then it happened and it was on my website and I didn’t have anything to do with it. Credibility is so important, you want to elevate yourself beyond and with absolutely no doubt above what I would call the credibility line. And to do that, you want to approach the most credible people you know, so that when people. Go to your website and look at these videos, they just know because X-Y-Z is working with

you, and knows you can vouch for what you’re doing.
Without any question, you are the person that they should be either working with or buying a product from. I wholeheartedly recommend Share One to anyone who wants to boost their credibility and get really, really good video testimonials. I’m Harry Massey, the founder of Xpo Health, Energy For Life and the GIST Process.