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Ready to start using video testimonials in your marketing and sales?

Increase your conversions, build trust and loyalty.


Purchase your Share One Recording Studio.

$797 includes studio and 1st edited testimonial.


Order Videos for $197.

After setup and first video, order as many video recordings as you want for life.

Hey, we got you…

We know you are busy, that is why our team will:




Conduct LIVE Virtual Interviews


Mindshare Summit 2023 Limited Time Show Special

Deliver & Host

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Purchase the one time Quick Start Production Setup which includes...

How does it work?

Private onboarding session with a share one producer and marketing expert.

Not sure how to get your clients to say yes to a video interview?  

Not sure what questions to ask or what sound bites you need most?

Don’t worry, during the onboarding session, we will review your buying journey, evaluate your relationship with your clients and design a custom journey to get them to say yes!

Our producers will create the perfect interview so that we can record the ideal sound bites for your marketing needs. 

Affordable Professional Video Testimonials Capture Service
How does it work?

Customized invitation and booking process.

In as little as 24 hours, you will have your custom emails invitations, booking portals and communication all built out ready for you to start inviting your clients. 

Our interview directors will be trained on the uniqueness of your business and the sound bites we are looking for. 

Ready to Interview!

How does it work?

First branded and fully edited video.

The first one sets the tone for all future videos. 

The initial production setup includes your first interview fully edited down to a few minutes. Including captions, music, your branding and call to action. 

Your first share one video testimonial ready for you to use everywhere!

Get Started Form
How does it work?

$197 per video.
Unlock all future videos at scale pricing.

Now that you are in our system, you can order as many videos as you want for as little as $197 per interview. 

We still take care of the invitation, the scheduling, the interview, the editing and the delivery. 

Unleash the power of social proof. 

What our clients are saying

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Dave Asprey

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Amber Ratfliffe

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Dr. Susan Fox

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Greg Platz

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Dr. Isabel Sharkar

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Dr. Jordana Quinn

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Dr. Diane Mueller

Play Video

Greg Kheel

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Dr. Bryce Appelbaum

Production Setup




$797 - One time payment

Includes 1st video

Each Additional video: $197

*We do not charge any ongoing subscriptions or membership fees.

If you are not fully satisfied with your first video, we will give you a FULL refund

Have Questions?

We Have The Answers

We have a team of interview directors that you can meet on our about page above. They are experts trained on the specifics of your business and will guide your clients through an easy and professional interview including assisting them to look and sound great on camera.
Our number 1 priority is to get your clients to say YES to a video interview. We have a unique invitation process and are proud to say that from the time someone is asked to do a testimonial to the time we have them on camera is 4.7 out of 10.

The truth is that some clients will never get on camera. However, we have learned that you can position the request in ways that may inspire someone to share. We have experience in collecting testimonials from very sensitive industries! We have never failed to conduct interviews for our clients.

Once your client is interviewed, we turn the footage around within 3-7 business days.

Not Quite Ready?

Talk to one of our testimonial strategist on how Share One can help your business.

Download the 2024 Top 5 strategies to turn your fans into paying clients.