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Case Study

Meet Kaitlin Rowland, CMO DHA Lab

Company Overview

DHA Laboratory, founded by Ellen Hanson in 2003, is a family-owned lab in Mount Prospect, Illinois. They’re the go-to place for reliable biochemical tests that help treat mental, emotional, and behavioral conditions. DHA Lab is famous for their Kryptopyrrole Quantitative Urine Test, which clinicians in 22 countries use. Their tests have helped over 600,000 patients dealing with issues like anxiety, depression, autism, ADHD, and schizophrenia.

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What we did

Kaitlin Rowland, the Chief Marketing Officer at DHA Lab, wanted to start using video testimonials to give their marketing a boost. They’d never done video testimonials before and were stuck with just written ones, which didn’t pack the same punch. Kaitlin heard about Share One and thought they sounded perfect. Share One took care of everything – they scheduled interviews, did the filming, and edited the videos. Kaitlin just had to send a couple of emails, and Share One handled the rest. The whole process was super smooth for Kaitlin. Share One jumped right in, coordinating interviews with patients and doctors and turning their stories into compelling videos. Kaitlin didn’t have to lift a finger after the initial contact – Share One delivered all the final video assets ready to use.


The results were amazing. The video testimonials really boosted DHA Lab’s marketing. They helped educate and help people connect emotionally with the success stories, which led to more engagement and referrals. Kaitlin used the videos on social media, in email marketing, and on their website, and they made a big difference.


Kaitlin couldn’t be happier with Share One. She loves how easy they made the whole process and the quality of the videos they delivered. Kaitlin highly recommends them to other companies, pointing out how video testimonials can create a strong emotional connection with customers and boost marketing efforts.


Interview samples collected for DHA Labs

Meet Dr. Bill Walsh

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Meet Dr. Albert Mensah

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Meet Dr Judith Bowman

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Meet Carole Harmon

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Transcript from Kaitlin Rowland

Share One is a one stop shop when it comes to video testimonials, because they really do everything for you. They coordinate speaking with the person you want interviewed on your behalf, and they do all of the audio off the video. They give you multiple formats at the end of the videos, and you really only have to send an email and that’s it. And then you get all the assets back for your use. Hi, my name is Kaitlin Rowland and I’m the Director of Marketing for DHA Lab. DHA Lab was not using video testimonials before we started working with Share One. And it was something that I always wanted to do, but I just didn’t know how. And it seemed like this massive hill to climb. For me, it was really valuable for my company, DHA Lab, to do the videos because more brand awareness in the way of client experience can really move people. And so when people are watching these testimonials, they’re able to connect to different parts of how people have felt when they’ve been under your service and the great service that you provided. So I think, give heart to the brand versus just email copy. Right. So, and that’s one thing that I’ve used these testimonials in, is email marketing. So it’s not just, you know, posting on social, which is great, but you can embed the videos or links to the videos in your emails and social templates and whatnot. But they’re great, Share One’s great. People want to watch videos right now. We see it on Instagram through reels and we see it on YouTube, which has been exploding in the last ten years. And so I think that as far as marketing and sales, it is a missing piece for a lot of practices I think the power of video testimonials comes to play there because it really gives heart to what you do and how you serve people. And so it was something that I knew was really valuable for all of the practitioners that work with DHA Lab, and I wanted to get Share One’s name in front of them because I think it’s so valuable. I mean, if you take a client who suffered from, you know, depression and anxiety for the last three decades of their life, you want to spread the word, but you want to spread the word from their point of view

I wanted to get Share One ahead of my practitioner list because I think it’s a really just amazing point of view. So Dan and I spoke, and we agreed that if he was to make just a really short training video on the power of testimonials, it would be something that I would easily send to my list it would then help them in their businesses. They would get more referrals, and then that also could help us and drive us all forward. I highly recommend Share One because it’s so easy to get going. And the final product you can use in so many ways, you know, they give you different types of the final assets. You can pay extra for the transcripts, so you can, you know, embed the videos on your website. You can put the videos or links to the videos in your email marketing campaigns. And I’ve used the transcripts that they’ve given me from the testimonials myself on social media templates and in emails and on our website and to kind of like pump up my client support team when they really need a perk up in their day. So there’s a lot you can do with all of the assets they give you where it’s not just, you know, you’re posting a video, it’s you can chop up that video, you can use the exact words that your clients are saying on your behalf for your marketing purposes. So seriously, ease of service and everything you get at the very end is just so valuable for the price point. They honestly should raise their prices because it’s. You’re getting so much for doing so little yourself. And that’s the beauty of it, is that you’re not working very hard at all. You’re sending an email, and then you’re getting a bunch of really good testimonials. That brings back more business for you.