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What are the best questions to ask during a video testimonial?

The first thing we must take into consideration when it comes to video testimonials is not to rely on your clients or patients to do it on their own.

The bottom line is that the likelihood of them doing it is close to zero. So someone on your team has to be present during this process and whoever is conducting the interview needs to understand that what they are about to create is one of the most powerful pieces of marketing available. So here is the opportunity to actually create a video that if done right can help your online conversion up to 60%!  This is where you have to understand that as an interviewer you get to control the narrative of the conversation.

When we collect video testimonials for our clients, we take the time to understand the entire sales journey of your business. Who are you trying to attract? What are the typical questions people ask you before they decide to hire you? What are your objections? What product or service do you want to sell more of? All these and more, allows us to collect video testimonials that do the selling for you.  So our interview directors already know what the end result of the video should look like prior to the interview. So during the interview they are continuously on the lookout for these exact sound bites. This should be no different for you, you need to take a director role when conducting these interviews and you have to put some thought into the questions you want to ask.

We have put together a worksheet for those who want to conduct their own video testimonials. It walks you through 8 exercises that you only have to do once for your business and it gives you the perfect questions to ask during an interview.  This resource is free and available below.

Once you have completed the interview, it is important to edit down the video to something short and concise. In the case of, we cut out the questions and interviewer completely. We only leave in what the viewer really wants to see and hear. We take the juiciest part of the interview and place it in the first 9 seconds. Remember, people want to hear from your customers, not you!

When editing video testimonials, please be sure to add captions or subtitles. Most people that surf the web do not have earphones on.

As always, we believe that everyone should take advantage of video testimonials and for those who are too busy or don’t have the staff to do this properly, we are here for you. is a turnkey and affordable video testimonial collection company.

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Top Questions to Ask During a Testimonial

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